Wireless Topaz Gemview Tablet Display Use Case


  1. Install the necessary drivers for the Topaz Gemview Tablet Display on your desktop.
  2. Connect the Topaz Gemview Tablet Display to the Virtual USB Server.
  3. Open the Virtual USB client software on your desktop and you will see Tablet monitor as one of the device.
  4. Right click and select Use this device
  5. Once you use the Tablet monitor, you will notice that you can now extend your monitor screen as if the Gemview Tablet Display is connected to your desktop.
  6. Virtual USB Server now shows an extra device which is the Signature Pad after detecting the Tablet Monitor.
  7. Right click on the Virtual USB Server and select Auto-Use all on this Hub.
  8. Now you will be able to use the pen functionality of the Gemview Tablet Display. 
  9. Use the stylus to act as a mouse on the Gemview Tablet Display or use your favorite Topaz program to send documents to Gemview Tablet Display for signing.