Sign online any time, any place

Easy to use, high level of security, great mobility, no subscription – all you have to do is sign!

Easily sign or let others sign online.

With the Online Signature Solution webSignatureOffice, not only can you sign your own documents, but you can also send documents to other users to be signed. The document is automatically transferred to the desired signatories. They can have a look at the document and sign where appropriate.

You can of course also invite business partners who are not using webSignatureOffice yet. The e-mail invitation allows for free registration. After they have registered, the recipient can easily sign the document online for free.

Step 01

Submit document.

Step 02

Define signature field.

Step 03

Email signature request.

Step 04

Recipient receives document.

Step 05

Recipient signs and sender receives document.

PDF online signing: but OS independent

Compatible with Windows, Linux or Mac OS.

Want to sign via mobile? Easy! Just download the free app for electronic signatures and you’ll never need to work with paper again! Signature pads are an excellent choice for the office.

Free trial, pay transparency and no subscription

In webSignatureOffice, you pay with credits. For testing and occasional use you can  use the equivalent of 10 credits per month free of charge. This equates to 10 documents with an unlimited number of signatures. Recipients are never charged for signing online. If you would like to use our Signature Solution webSignatureOffice with more documents, you can buy more credits at any time. The more credits you buy at once, the better the discount.
webSignatureOffice credits have no expiry date. Once purchased, your unspent credits remain valid so long as your account still exists.

Sign Documents By Hand

No matter where you are, you can sign by hand with our app (for Android or iOS) on your tablet or smartphone! In your work place you can  sign using a signature pad and let others do the same.

Whether signing with a highly secure signature pad or by hand on the smartphone or tablet using the signature app, the sensor detects the typeface and possibly also your signature’s biometric data (time taken, pressure profile). From the moment it is created, this data is already securely encrypted and inextricably linked to the document.

The signature’s validity is easily verifiable and the signatory can, if required, be identified by a handwriting expert, just as with a paper signature.

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