Signature Field Autoplacement

Signature Field Autoplacement is a windows watching service that dynamically add signature fields into the targeted PDF without manual intervention. This is useful for system that produce PDF for signing and yet unable to include signature field themselves. It offers highly configurable options that can adjust into the various business flows.

For example, you have a standard PDF document which needs signature fields so that when the user open up the PDF document, the user can directly click on the signature field and open up the signature box rather than drag and place. This will work with all the signature solutions in the world today.

Please get in touch with us to download an 30 days evaluation.

Key Features

Auto placement of signature fields in PDF documents.
Regular expression to read filename
Graphical placing of signature fields to template
Feature rich post processing actions
Multiple templates based on ranking
Exportable template data

Signature Field Autoplacement


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