SigLite LCD BT 1×5

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siglite LCD BT 1x5

SigLite LCD BT 1×5

Model Family
SigLite® LCD BT 1×5 has all the benefits of Topaz electronic signatures plus the additional feature of wireless capability through Bluetooth. Like the SigLite LCD 1×5, the SigLite LCD BT 1×5 is Topaz’s low-cost pressure-sensitive electronic signature pad with a backlit transflective LCD that displays “electronic ink” under the pen tip during signing.

SigLite LCD BT 1×5 features all the high-quality biometric and forensic capture techniques of a SignatureGem LCD tablet but with a low-cost touchpad and stylus in place of the more rugged digitizing pen and inert tempered glass surface of the SignatureGem tablet series.

Sensor/Pen Technology Warranty/ Ruggedness Connectivity & Security Meets Min. Signing Width Bundled Software Biometric Resolution and Authentication
LCD Touchpad with passive stylus 1 year, long-life touchscreen Bluetooth Yes – 4.3″ All SigPlus and SigIDp, Pro developer tools, plug-ins, etc. 377 pps, 410 ppi, 1024-level pressure option