SigLite LCD 1×5 MSR

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SigLite LCD 1x5 MSR

SigLite LCD 1×5 MSR

Model Family
USB Backlit with MSR
USB/Virtual Serial Backlit with MSR
SigLite® LCD 1×5 with MSR has all the benefits of the Topaz® SigLite LCD 1×5 plus the additional feature of an attached MSR. This pad features a backlit LCD interactive display, allowing users to see “electronic ink” under the pen tip as they sign as well as navigate and display text and graphics.

It features all the high-quality biometric forensic capture techniques of a SignatureGem® LCD tablet but with a low-cost touchpad and stylus in place of the more rugged digitizing pen and inert tempered glass surface of the SignatureGem tablet series.

Sensor/Pen Technology Warranty/ Ruggedness Connectivity & Security Meets Min. Signing Width Bundled Software Biometric Resolution and Authentication
Touchpad with passive stylus 1 year, long-life touchscreen USB/Serial Yes – 4.3″ All SigPlus and SigIDp, Pro developer tools, plug-ins, etc. 377 pps, 410 ppi, 1024-level pressure option