SigLite 1×5

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SigLite 1x5

T-S460 model shown

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SigLite 1×5 is Topaz’s low-cost pressure-sensitive electronic signature pad. SigLite 1×5 features all the high-quality biometric and forensic capture techniques of a SignatureGem tablet but with a low-cost touchpad and stylus in place of the active electromagnetic pen and sensor. The touchpad sensor is protected by an optional replaceable overlay for longer life.

The touchpad sensor reads the digital, binary pressure of
the stylus tip and transmits signature data to the computer at high speed for an easy, accurate electronic signature.

The SigLite 1×5 shows the signature on the computer screen only.


  • 3rd-generation touchpad signing surface for cost
  • Small size and weight for portability
  • High-quality biometric and forensic capture
  • Topaz software suite bundled at no additional cost
    for complete signing and signature solution
    customization techniques

All Topaz products come bundled with our powerful software tools and support for the capture, binding, and authentication of electronic signatures. All software and updates are licensed for use with Topaz tablets at no extra charge.

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Sensor/Pen TechnologyWarranty/ RuggednessConnectivity & SecurityMeets Min. Signing WidthBundled SoftwareBiometric Resolution and Authentication
Touchpad with passive stylus2 years, long-life touchscreenUSB, Serial, Ethernet (SecureSig™ System)Yes – 4.3″All SigPlus – Pro ActiveX, Java, .NET, C++, plug-ins, etc.377 pps, 410 ppi, SigAnalyze