SigGem Color 5.7

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SignatureGem LCD 4x3

SignatureGem Color 5.7

T-LBK57GC model shown

Model Family
Dual Serial-USB Backlit
Virtual Serial-USB Backlit
The SigGem®Color 5.7 is an advanced biometric electronic signature pad with 5.7 inch, full-color TFT VGA (640 x 480) LCD that captures and displays ‘electronic ink’ under the pen tip for a natural signature. Bundled secure software APIs provide for interactive text, graphics, and pen-tap hotspots and checkboxes which enable users to navigate screens, read agreements, and select preferred options before signing.All Topaz products come bundled with our powerful software tools and support for the capture, binding, and authentication of electronic signatures. All software and updates are licensed for use with Topaz tablets at no extra charge and can be downloaded from our website.Download the SigGem Color 5.7 Installation for use with the SigGem Color 5.7 hardware.For more information or to purchase, please contact us.


Sensor/Pen Technology Warranty/ Ruggedness Connectivity & Security Meets Min. Signing Width Bundled Software Biometric Resolution and Authentication
Tempered glass with active pen 3 years, highly rugged USB, Serial, Ethernet (SecureSig™ System) Yes – 4.5″ All SigPlus and SigID, Pro developer tools, plug-ins, etc. 377 pps, 410 ppi, 1024-level pressure option
LCD Type Text Display Pen-tap Navigation Text Font and Size Tablet Identification Viewing Contrast
TFT Color VGA, 640×480 More than 1024 characters per screen Yes – unlimited screens Yes – unlimited fonts Electronic model/serial 300:1 Contrast
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