Professional Services

Isage Communications Pte Ltd has a highly trained technical team that offers professional services in line with the products we offer:

1. IT Consultancy

As we are fully focus in our products, we are able to provide consultancy service to our clients who are new in the area. The necessary consultancy will help to implement our products to maximum the value to client’s ecosystems.

2.  Customization, implementation and training service for our solutions.

We understand that in some client’s environment where out of box solutions are not sufficient to meet their needs. Hence, we will be able to provide the necessary professional service to help customize solution for our clients. With our years of core expertise in focusing on our products, we are able to propose good match solution for our client and which will follow up with reliable implementation and training.

3. After sales warranty and maintenance support.

We are still able to provide some continuation support for some products which warranty has already expired. This is especially important in mission critical environment.

4. Project Management

We are able to help large implementations by providing project management service for the following:
a. Help integrate our products to other systems
b. Provide necessary resources for troubleshooting and damage control
c. Implement quality assurance system to ensure quality delivery to each project