naturaSign Pad Mobile

With the naturaSign Pad Mobile, the StepOver development team have taken note of the growing trend for ever-larger displays to enable convenient, easy handling. The naturaSign Pad Mobile is specifically developed for the demands of mobile usage, including field sales.

Big black-and-white screen - Big possibilities

The enlarged black-and-white screen of the pad offers even more space for signatures; even scrawled handwriting is no longer a problem. The tried-and-tested "rotate" function enables you to turn the signature line 180°, so left-handers can also sign comfortably.

Software recommendation

Every signature pad requires a piece of software that is not included in the delivery. In order to produce an electronic signature that can be used as an evidence in court, we recommend:

The fully automated offline signature solution

The online web-based signature solution for secure signing and sending documents instantly from anywhere and from any device

Complete API to integrate the electronic signature

Technical Data

6.42 inch x 5.16 inch x 0.37 inch
16.3 cm x 13.1 cm x 0.95 cm

Sensor / Monitor
3.74 inch x 2.09 inch | 9.5 cm x 5.3 cm | 320 x 181 Pixels (native 320 x 160 Pixels)

Signature capture
500 4D Coordinates per second (X, Y, Pressure and Time) – internal sampling time of over 7,000 captures/second, 512 Printing levels, no need for a special pen

RSA 2048 Bit Signature capturing device, Pad-internal encryption of the biometric data with notarized Public-Key (RSA 2048 Bit)