naturaSign Pad Classic

The naturaSign Pad Classic with monochrome black-and-white screen and USB connection, developed and manufactured by StepOver in Germany, is the official successor to the classic naturaSign Pad I and II, of which 100,000 have already been sold. Although on the outside it looks the same as its predecessors from the naturaSign Pad Standard series, the screen resolution has been increased so that images and text are displayed even better.

Stability, ergonomics, and aesthetics at the height of classic style

This signature pad was the first to offer a black and white screen whilst being as thin as a CD case yet manages to offer stability at the same time. The high strength is due to the specially reinforced sides: 40% of its 0.39 inch / 1 cm depth is dedicated to reinforcing the casing. Thanks to the standard mini-USB port, there are no more problems with the length of the cable. While desktop computers often require a long connection cable, with laptops, a shorter cable is more comfortable. With this port, there is no more discomfort with having to connect the cable under the table in fixed workplaces.

Software recommendation

Every signature pad requires a piece of software that is not included in the delivery. In order to produce an electronic signature that can be used as an evidence in court.

The fully automated offline signature solution

The online web-based signature solution for secure signing and sending documents instantly from anywhere and from any device

API / SDK to integrate e-signatures

Technical data

Dimensions / Weight
5.91 inch x 4.72 inch x 0.39 inch
15 cm x 12 cm x 1 cm

Sensor / Monitor
3.94 inch x 1.18 inch
10 cm x 2.9 cm / 320 x 85 Pixels

Signature capture
500 4D Coordinates per second (X, Y, Pressure and Time) - internal sampling time of over 7,000 captures/second, 512 Printing levels, no need for a special pen

RSA 2048 Bit Signature capturing device, Pad-internal encryption of the biometric data with notarized Public-Key (RSA 2048 Bit)