MK 2120U

IriShield™ Series – MK 2120U

Portable and ready-to-use, ideal for biometric service providers or value-added resellers to develop application systems


Monocular, Capturing distance: 5cm


  • On-board processing and matching
  • NIST-proven extremely accurate iris matching algorithm
  • STQC certified
  • Internal gallery: 1,000 iris templates (500 IDs)
  • Tamper-proof
  • Supported interface connections: USB, UART
  • Supported OS’s: Android/ Windows/ WinCE/ Linux/ eLinux/ Mac/ proprietary OS/ non-OS system


  • Cost-effective
  • Ultra-compact, light weight
  • Supporting power management functions


  • National ID
  • Workforce Management System (using IriTracker software)
  • Access control
  • Self-service kiosk
  • Student Time Tracking


Product name IriShield-USB MK 2120U
Capture Mode Auto capture
Capture Distance 4.7 cm – 5.3 cm (1.8 inches -2.1 inches) from the image sensor
Image Format ISO Standard 19794-6 (2005 & 2011), (640 x 480 Pixels, 8 bit Grayscale), full support of K1, K2, K3, K7
Sensor Resolution VGA
Dimensions 51.2mm x 92.6mm x 15.1mm (2 inches x 3.6 inches x 0.59 inch)
Power Single USB Bus Powered (DC +5V±5%) (Max power consumption=250mA)
Illumination Near infrared LED
Environmental -20°C to +60°C (Storage); 0°C to +50°C (Operating); 10% to 90% Humidity (Non-Condensing)*
Usage Indoor; Outdoor (avoid direct sunlight and bright reflections)
Compliance & Certificates Eye safety standard (IEC 62471:2006-07), RoHS. FCC-Class B* , IP54*
Resolution Spatial : ≥ 60% @ 4.0 Lp/mm, Pixel : ≥ 16 Pixels/mm
Connectivity USB 2.0 (IriShield™ – USB Series), UART/ RS-232 ( IriShield™ -UART Series)
Security RSA (2048-bit) and AES (256-bit); X509 Certificate, PFX/PKCS#12 Certificate , RSA key pair generated on-board
Matching Speed 2000 matches per second (exclusive of communication time between the camera and the host)
Ancillary SW Demo Application, Drivers, SDK (C/C++, .NET C#/VB, Java) with Sample codes
Host OS Windows Family, Linux Family, WinCE, Embedded Linux, Android, Mac OS, proprietary OS or Non-OS


  • IriShield™-USB MK 2120U
  • Micro USB cable
  • Micro to Micro USB OTG cable
  • Pouch
  • Software Package