Loan Policy

We are able to loan certain models of the signature pad to help you to test drive a product before it deem fit for your application. Potential customer need to agree to the following loaning policy before the unit can be loaned out.

The loaning policy will be subjected to the following conditions:

All loan units are subjected to availability and are for a period of 30 days unless arrangements for an extension have been approved.

All loan units are subjected to deposit upfront equivalent to the list price of the new model. Upon which if return within 30 days, the deposit will be refunded 100% back to you.

If 60 days is exceeded, 1% interested will be incurred for each passing day until the passing of 100 days which is equivalent of the product itself.
The product will be deemed sold.

For shipping of loan units, customer will bear the shipping cost and tax.

If product is damaged upon return, customer will be charged 100% of the price.