KioskGem LCD 1×5

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KioskGem LCD 1x5

Model Family
Serial Backlit
USB Backlit

KioskGem LCD 1×5 is a ruggedized electronic signature pad for use in public-access or unsupervised kiosk environments. Durable tempered glass window protects the electronic screen, which displays ‘electronic ink’ under the pen tip in real-time as a user signs. The unit can be affixed to a surface from the underside with no exposed fasteners (see photo inset) and the pen is tethered with a steel cable rated at 160 lbs.

Bundled secure software APIs provide for interactive text,
graphics, and pen-tap hotspots and check boxes which
enable users to navigate screens and select preferred

The KioskGem LCD 1×5 shows the signature on the signature pad, as well as the computer screen.


  • Rugged signing area for long life
  • Small size, weight, and kiosk-mounted system for
  • LCD display for customization according to business needs
  • High-quality biometric and forensic signature capture
  • Topaz software suite bundled at no additional cost
    for complete signing and signature solution
    customization techniques

All Topaz products come bundled with our powerful software tools and support for the capture, binding, and authentication of electronic signatures.

All software and updates are licensed for use with Topaz tablets at no extra charge and can be downloaded from our website.

For more information or to purchase, please contact us.

Sensor/Pen TechnologyWarranty/ RuggednessConnectivity & SecurityMeets Min. Signing WidthBundled SoftwareBiometric Resolution and Authentication
Tempered glass with active pen3 years, highly ruggedUSB, Serial, Ethernet (SecureSig™ System)YesAll SigPlus and SigID, Pro developer tools, plug-ins, etc.377 pps, 410 ppi, SigAnalyze
LCD TypeText DisplayPen-tap NavigationText Font and SizeTablet IdentificationViewing Contrast
STN, backlit option258 characters per screen at 12ptYes – unlimited screensYes – unlimited fontsElectronic model/serialIndoor/Outdoor Transflective