iSafe Signature Tablet Setup Guide

1. Getting Started

The signature tablet is an 10 inch android tablet. Please familiarise with yourself the various functions in the tablet. The usage of the tablet is used via finger touch base as well as active energized pen.

Below are the various components of the tablet shown on the right:
a. USB Type C port
b. Audio Port
c. Front Camera
d. Front Environmental Light
e. Micro SD card slot
f.  Microphone port
g. Power button
h. Volume button
i. Back Camera
j. Back Flash Light

2. Active Energized Pen

a. Before usage, please insert one AAAA battery into the pen. If the box is newly opened, the battery can be located in the box.
b. Please insert the battery with the correct polarity according to the diagram on the right.
c. Touch the screen with the thin tip of the pen for smooth signing.

3. Power Charging

a. For first time out of the box, it is required to power charged the tablet using the USB Type C adapter located in the box.

b. If the power is insufficient, the tablet will automatically sound an alert and display insufficient power.

c. If the power is fully depleted, the tablet will auto shutdown. Please at least power charged it for 5 minutes before switching on the tablet.

4. Insertion of Micro SD Card

Please insert the SD Card according to the diagram below:

5. OTG Function

For standard USB thumb drives or other USB devices, you would need an OTG cable to connect to the tablet as shown below:

6. Accessories

The full accessories in the box as below:
a. Tablet x 1
b. Power Adapter x 1
c. Type C OTG Cable x 1
d. Tablet Cover x 1
e. Active Energized Pen x 1
f.   AAAA Battery x 1