IDLite LCD 1×5 with Optical Technology

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IDLite LCD 1×5 with Optical Technology
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USB Backlit
The economical touch-sensitive IDLite LCD 1×5 with Optical Technology pad with an optical sensor is designed for the capture of high-quality, high-resolution fingerprint images (500×500 dpi). In addition, fingerprint authentication is available for verifying a user against their own saved fingerprint template. It also provides the benefits of secure biometric Topaz forensic signatures. The LCD allows users to see their signature on the pad while signing. The signature pad comes bundled with Topaz’s powerful software tools and support for the capture, binding, and authentication of eSignatures. Additionally, the integrated model is supported by SigIDp1™ electronic fingerprint software. BENEFITS
  • 3rd-generation touch-screen signing surface for cost efficiency
  • LCD display for customization
  • Optical fingerprint sensor for high-resolution fingerprint imaging
  • High-quality biometric and forensic capture
  • Topaz software suite bundled at no additional cost for complete signing and signature solution customization techniques
Click here to download SigIDp1 biometric fingerprint recognition software. For more information or to purchase, please contact us.
Sensor/Pen Technology Warranty/ Ruggedness Connectivity & Security Meets Min. Signing Width Bundled Software Biometric Resolution and Authentication
LCD Touchpad with passive stylus 1 year, long-life touchscreen USB (HID Compliant) Yes – 4.3″ All SigPlus and SigIDp, Pro developer tools, plug-ins, etc. 377 pps, 410 ppi, 1024-level pressure option
ID Sensor Type Image Capture Method Matching/ Verification Fingerprint Sensor Size
Optical Dry, Moist or Rough Highly compressed, digitally stored fingerprint data 20mm x 30mm