Guide to sign using PKI

Step 1

To digital sign PDF, you need to have the necessary certificate first. Under Fluid PDF, there are 3 locations to access the certificate: Default, File and Store.  You can either use a self signed certificate from Fluid PDF or a certificate generated from a Certificate Authority.

Step 2

To start configure for PKI signing. Please follow the below to setup the signature:

Step 3

Once Signature Setup is clicked, the first step is signature appearance. Under Using PKI Signing Method, select the Binding Digital Signature with Graphic File.

Step 4

Right click the Select button will open up two options: Custom Stamp Dialog and Windows File System.

Step 4.1

If Custom Stamp Dialog is checked, the select button will display the below dialog:

Step 4.2

If Windows File System is checked, the Select button will display the Windows File Explorer.

Step 5

Click OK to save the Signature Setup. Load the PDF you need to sign. Then click Signature below:

Step 6

Drag and drop the location of the signature.