Topaz GemView Tablet Signature Displays

For signing documents, displaying videos, ads, and more

Small footprint, half-page, and full-page tablet displays with electronic pen for signing documents, displaying videos, ads, and more. Connects directly to your PC via USB.

Topaz® Systems’ latest product category offers all the display advantages of a high-performance tablet with none of the IT drawbacks.  If your business has specific hardware or software requirements, please contact us for assistance.

GemView Tablet Displays come bundled with Topaz software solutions for GemView, including required drivers, apps for PDF creation, signing, and annotating (by the PC user, by a client in a one-on-one environment, and by multiple clients in a one-to-many environment), SDKs for development, and more.


GemView 7
7.0" High Res Display


GemView 10
10.1" High Res Display


GemView 16
15.6" High Res Display