Fluidfax – network fax server screenshots

Fluidfax is a network fax server that increases productivity and reduces cost. It supports sending and receiving faxes from desktops and email to fax.


The dashboard shows an overview of faxes sent and received in a day. You can also start and stop the Fluid fax windows service and change its log on credentials.

Fax transmission logs

Faxes sent and received are archived in a database. Each fax transmission record shows the date and time and details of the fax transmission. You can apply filters to search out certain records.

Send fax

You can key in the fax numbers or select from the list of contacts and distribution lists as recipients of the fax. You can key in the fax content or attach a document for faxing.

Inbound routing rules

The inbound routing rules determine the correct recipients of incoming faxes. Recipients can be routed according to line, caller id or remote id.

Status of fax lines and fax queue

The status of fax lines and fax queue can be monitored. You can see the activities of each fax line and the contents of the outgoing fax queue.

Fax lines

Fax lines can be automatically detected and added to the system.

Fax line settings

You can configure the nature of the fax line whether it is used for sending or receiving faxes only or both. You can also specify whether faxes are saved or printed here.

Licensed users

The system allows local users and LDAP users. Users from Active Directory can be imported into the LDAP users of Fluid fax.

General settings

You can configure system wide settings here. You can configure the use of a cover page and email notifications for faxes received and sent.