Fluidfax – network fax server features

Flexible sending and receiving
Using Fluidfax – network fax server, users can conveniently send, receive and manage faxes from desktop computers and mobile devices. Faxes can be sent and received as emails.


Automatic inbound fax routing

Received faxes can be automatically route to users’ mailbox, file folders or network printers based on the following attributes:

Channel / line of the received fax.
Sender’s fax machine ID.
Sender’s caller ID.
Called number using DID or DTMF.

Security and scalability

Fluidfax supports up to 120 analog and digital fax channels / lines per fax server and unlimited users.

Web based

Fluidfax – network fax server is fully web based for both users and administrators. Users send faxes through a simple web interface without the need of a fax client.

Fax broadcast

Organizations can broadcast their marketing and event notification messages by sending one fax to hundreds or thousands of recipients at once.

Applications integration

You can easily integrate faxing directly from your production applications with Fluidfax through multiple ways such as by email API or by dropping documents into a fax pickup folder.

Supports low cost operating systems

Fluidfax – network fax server can be installed on lower-cost operating systems such as Windows® 7 and 8 as well as the Microsoft® server operating systems.

Fax appliance

Fluidfax – network fax server is available as an appliance with the fax hardware and software preinstalled and configured. Fluidfax appliance arrives ready to be plugged into your office network and it can start working immediately with minimal configuration.

Supports multiple types of fax documents
Fluid fax server natively supports faxing of documents in PDF, TIF, BMP, TXT and HTML format. It can also be configured to support other popular document types such as Microsoft Word and Excel documents easily.

Supports contacts and distribution lists
Users can maintain a database of contacts and distribution lists to facilitate the sending of faxes to. Contacts and distribution lists are categorized into personal or global nature.