Fluidfax – fax applications

Fluidfax is a highly flexible electronic network fax platform that enables organizations to enhance their fax capabilities. By integrating Fluidfax to the corporate email or backend systems, organizations can achieve greater productivity through email to fax and fax automation. Some of the fax applications include:



Email to fax and fax to email – Electronic Network Fax

Fax capabilities can be added to corporate email systems where users can easily send and receive faxes from their mailboxes. Users can continue using their familiar email client such as Microsoft Outlook to manage their emails and faxes in one single interface without any additional training. Fluid fax server supports both on premise and cloud email systems including Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, Lotus Notes, Gmail and other SMTP email servers.

Fax automation with backend systems

Organizations often require automated faxing capabilities from their existing backend applications such as ERP, CRM, accounting, document management and workflow systems to deliver critical business documents. These applications typically generate documents for batch faxing periodically such as purchase orders, contracts and invoices. These backend applications can integrate easily with Fluid fax server to achieve automated batch faxing capabilities. Incoming faxes can also be delivered into these backend systems with Fluid fax server.

The following list shows the different documents that are used in each industry suitable for fax automation.

General – quotations, purchase orders, contracts, invoices

Logistics – shipping documents, bills of lading, order confirmations, tariff tables

Financial services – loan documents, financial analysis reports, financial statements

Hospitality – reservations, booking confirmation

Fax broadcast

Organizations often need to broadcast their marketing and event notification messages. Fluid fax server allows users to maintain a database of contacts and distribution lists. Broadcasting to a group of contacts is achieved easily by selecting a distribution list as the target recipient. This feature is popular with freight forwarding companies using fax broadcast to promote their freight rates.