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Fluid PDF

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Electronic Signing is Easy!

Password Protected, Biometric or Fingerprint Signature

■ Fluid PDF enables the user to create digitally signed PDF recognized by Adobe. The advantage of a digital signed document is that the feature secures the document from any tempering.
■ Fluid PDF adopts two mainstream digital signing methodology in the current market today: PKI (Public Key Infrastructures) and Biometric signature.
■For PKI signature, Fluid PDF supports the use of file pfx certificates as well as certificates in Microsoft current user store.
■ For Biometric signature, Fluid PDF fully adopts the methodology of our partner Topaz Systems. It makes use of Topaz’s electronic signature and fingerprint software and pads for the capture, binding, authentication, and verification of electronic signatures or fingerprint in PDF.
■ Generally we would apply biometric digital signatures in environment where it requires the signatures from the general public and PKI digital signatures within organization’s where identity of the signer is more easily recognized and efficiency is more desired.

A secured approach to working with PDFs

■ PDF document is now more easily protected with Fluid PDF. You can encrypt and decrypt a PDF document with options of user and owner password in various encryption strength. 
■ Instead of password, Fluid PDF allows the usage of biometric fingerprint reader in place of owner password. Fingerprint biometric will be stored in the PDF for verification later. You can also enroll other fingerprints to share the document.
■ With the encryption, you can set digital permissions like Copy, Printing, Modify Contents etc onto the document with ease.
■ The digital permissions are set as standard PDF permissions in Fluid PDF.
■ Standard PDF permissions are effected by third party reader like ADOBE reader which can prevent copying and printing etc.

PDF Security with Digital Rights

Modify PDF with ease before Signing

Annotate objects and forms filling on PDF document with ease 

■ Fluid PDF allows the user to append the document with annotation objects as well as form field objects.
■ Annotation objects include addition of text, rectangle, line, ellipse, link, highlight, sticky note and file attachment.
■ All annotation objects are highly customizable to fit each unique granular requirements.
■ Form field objects include check box, radio button, list box, combo box, button etc
■ It also allows forms filling capability.

Blank Signature Fields Automation

■ In the scenario where there are no blank signature fields, whenever the user needs to sign, he will need to drag and draw a box before he can sign the document. This may look unprofessional if you are presenting the document to your customer to sign.
■ A blank signature field facilitate a click and sign experience which greatly enhance the user friendliness of signing.
■ Fluid PDF has a template module to predetermine signature fields size and location for a template pdf file. Once the actual pdf document is loaded in Fluid PDF filter by file name, the signature fields will be auto populated in the document.

Auto place blank signature fields