Electronic Signature Pads

An electronic signature pad is an electronic device used to capture written signatures and convert them to digital format. Digital format are encoded in bio-metric data which is used to authenticate the user.

An electronic signature, or e-signature, is any electronic means that indicates either that a person adopts the contents of an electronic message, or more broadly that the person who claims to have written a message is the one who wrote it (and that the message received is the one that was sent by this person). By comparison, a signature is a stylized script associated with a person. In commerce and the law, a signature on a document is an indication that the person adopts the intentions recorded in the document. Both are comparable to a seal.

We carry the market leading Topaz, ePadLink and StepOver electronic signature pads.

Electronic signature pad with biometrics and document binding features.

Key Benefit: Provides biometrics signature which is hard to reproduce.

Remote Usage Signature Pad Models

List of Topaz® pad models specifically designed for use in Terminal Server, Citrix, and VDI environments.

The ePad® family of electronic signature pads enable you to sign, send, and store documents electronically without the need to print or scan paper forms. Whether integrated with third-party systems or with ePadLink’s Integrisign software.

Key Benefit: ePad products help you do business faster and better than paper-based transactions.​

ePad VP9801

Low-cost electronic signature capture device for any environment.

ePad II

ePad II VP9851

Upgraded electronic signature capture device for high performance applications.

ePad-ink VP9805

Used worldwide to capture electronic signatures (in-branch or in-field), with monochrome LCD.

ePad-vision VP9808

Advanced signature pad with full-color LCD, displaying graphics, text, surveys and more.

StepOver Electronic Signature Pads

The customers of the StepOver Family benefit from more than 15 years of experience in the field of electronic signatures. The Made In Germany signature pads offer the maximum security for each signature application.

naturaSign Pad Classic

The naturaSign Pad Classic with monochrome black-and-white screen and USB connection, developed and manufactured by StepOver in Germany, is the official successor to the classic naturaSign Pad I and II, of which 100,000 have already been sold.

Color LCD Signature Pad

duraSign Pad Brilliance

The duraSign Pad Brilliance is the first product in the “duraSign Pad Series” family from StepOver Europe. This signature pad LCD color stands out for its extreme durability coupled with outstanding security features and an elegant appearance.

naturaSign Pad Mobile

With the naturaSign Pad Mobile, the StepOver development team have taken note of the growing trend for ever-larger displays to enable convenient, easy handling. The naturaSign Pad Mobile is specifically developed for the demands of mobile usage, including field sales.

duraSign Pad 10.0

The duraSign Pad 10.0 is the second product developed in the “duraSign Pad Series” family from StepOver. This product stands out with an electromagnetic sensor for extremely long durability coupled with an outstanding elegant appearance. In addition to the highest security level, this signature pad with its 10-inch display offers enough space on the screen for even the most demanding POS applications.