Barcode Scanner

Isage Communications Pte Ltd is committed in bringing you good quality and cost effective barcode scanning solution. 

We partner with Syble which is also known as Guangzhou XunBao Electronics Technology CO Ltd in China to supply and distribute all their barcode scanner models in Asia Pacific including South East Asia and especially Singapore.

As an introduction, Syble is a professional Barcode Scanner manufacturer which was founded in 2013. They started off as a small enterprise with dozen of employee. In the first year, they have developed six different models Barcode Scanner. Since then, their workers have increased exponentially to 82. Their product lines have also grown up to 35. They have achieved huge success from domestic and oversea markets. They have been awarded High-Tech Enterprises by State Scientific and Technological Commission (Guangdong ,Guangzhou) in 2016.

Now they have became a professional manufacturer of Barcode Scanners and have become a leading supplier of AIDC (Auto Identification and Data Collection)equipments in China. With the perfection of Barcode Scanner series ,they are now venturing to develop new produce lines like POS system , Receipt Printer ,Label Printer etc.

Their factory is located in Zengcheng, Guangzhou, next to a Modern Science and Technology Park, back on a hill with fresh air and beautiful scenery and only miles from the biggest lake in Zengcheng . They develop and manufacture all kind of Laser Barcode Scanner, 2D Barcode Scanner, Omnidirectional/Presentation Scanner ,Bluetooth Barcode Scanner at this beautiful factory and distribute to domestic and oversea clients and customers.

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xb 5055r

Wireless Laser Barcode Reader

XB-5055R is an industrial 1D wireless laser barcode sreader capable of reading various 1D barcodes.

Syble XB-2055 1D Handheld Laser Barcode Reader

1D Handheld Laser Barcode Reader

Industrial 1D High Sensitivity Laser Barcode Scanner with Stand and Auto Sense.

1D CCD Handheld Barcode Scanner

Syble XB-915 is a 1D image handheld barcode scanner, which can scan variety of 1D codes at speeds of up to 200 times per second plug and play interface.